OutRAGEous Art – Art Rage for iPad

Art Rage is a fantastic App that allows users to create interactive, detailed artworks on your iPad. It recreates to the look and feel of the painting experience virtually on the iPad. It allows even beginning artists to use a range of authentic tools to create and replicate artworks with ease. Click on engaging ICT to view the potential of this fantastic art app.

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Word Clouds with Style – Tagxedo

Do you love using Wordle in your classrooms? Do you love the simple way in which word clouds can capture student interest and spark their imagination? Word clouds can help visual learners display their learning, ideas and reflections in a unique way. Tagxedo offers users the ability to create such word clouds, but with the added feature of using uploaded images to sculpt words into an interesting representation of thinking.

To learn more about how to use Tagxedo in the classroom, visit Engaging ICT.

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‘Discovr’ Apps like never before!

Recently I came across an amazing app that helps anyone to sort and classify apps according to keyword search terms or popular categories. ‘Discovr Apps‘ gives users a unique alternative to iTunes to search for apps in a creative and visual way.

To learn more about ‘Discovr Apps’, visit Engaging ICT!

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Common Sense Media – Making Sense of Cyber safety

Common Sense Media is a fantastic site that offers parents, teachers and students practical advice in tackling a variety of issues in relation to technology, media and cybersafety. The main focus of Common Sense Media is to ‘protect children from the dangers of using the internet’. This site houses a range of engaging and interesting reviews of various websites and products as well as opinions and points of view. Click on Engaging Communities to learn more about this great resource!

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Pictures are worth a thousand words – Wordfoto

Everyone knows the old phrase – pictures are worth a thousand words! A colleague of mine (thanks Aleisha!) certainly proved this to me this week by introducing me to another cool App that blew my mind! Wordfoto brings together pictures and words to create amazing works of art -instantly! Everyday pictures and photos are transformed into living stories that jump off the page!This is one of the coolest Apps I have come across in a long time!

To learn more about this amazing App, click on Engaging ICT

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Google Squared – see the web through new lenses

Every now and then, a great tool, strategy or idea comes into our inboxs’ and changes our world forever. Google Squared is a tool that I believe may do just that. To learn more about Google Squared and it’s possibilities in the classroom – go to Engaging ICT

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Engaging our parents in the Cybersafety conversation

This week is National Cyber Safety Week. Throughout this week we have been engaging in conversation with our students, teachers and parents about the issues surrounding cybersafety and keeping our children safe and sensible online. It is so important that we work with our parent community to empower them with knowledge, awareness and a positive attitude towards learning in an online world. Click on ‘Engaging Communities‘ to learn more about how St Thomas More Primary has tried to engage in conversation with our parent community.

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