About Me

First and foremost, I have a passion for learning, and an unwavering ambition towards providing a positive, challenging and inspiring educational experience for all students. Furthermore,  I believe in working together to inspire teachers to make a difference, and help them appreciate the significant influence they have in equipping their students with the skills necessary to succeed in the 21st Century.

As a life long learner, I have developed my own skills as an educator and leader through ongoing professional development, membership in various educational associations and further education including the completion of my Masters in Education. This qualification stems from a commitment to constructivist teaching and learning and higher order thinking practices. Furthermore, I am dedicated towards the development of a 21st Century learning community, where all stakeholders are empowered to be a positive influence on student learning.

Beginning my teaching career in 2003 as a classroom teacher at St. Christopher’s Primary School, I have dedicated my time towards providing my students with the opportunity to develop their skills as 21st Century digital learners. I have strived to help develop a community where we work in a collaborative relationship to create an inclusive culture where innovation, risk taking and shared ownership are promoted and valued.

In 2009, I became the Learning and Teaching Coordinator at St. Thomas More Primary School. I have been responsible for the transition towards the integration of high quality ICT tools within the curriculum to engage and personalise student learning.

In 2009, I was accepted as a member of the  ’Apple Distinguished Educator’ program. The Apple Distinguished Educator (ADE) program is a relationship program focused on educational excellence and leadership. ADEs are members of a select group of K-12 and Higher Education professionals possessing an identified expertise in educational technology leadership.

I am currently the Deputy Principal at St. Thomas More Primary, continuing with my role of Learning and Teaching Coordinator. It is my current goal to continue to enhance teachers’ capacity to provide our students with the opportunity to use technology to communicate, collaborate and create their own success.

As an educator I am constantly learning. I am constantly being surrounded by educational innovators who simply love what they do for the benefit of the children they teach.  I love learning from them and hope that this blog can help teachers seek out new ideas and inspirations.

Please send me any ideas our recommendations you have discovered yourselves!

I also have another blog titled www.happyellaafter.com – please visit here to learn about our adventures as I learn how to be a Mum with my baby girl!

You can contact me by email: katekorber@gmail.com

You can also follow me on Facebook or twitter: @katekorber


5 Responses to About Me

  1. Paul Stewart says:


    Congrats on such an awesome site. Wonderful content! What is most enjoyable about your work here is the delightful way in which you have infused a blog covering a range of themes with a clear flavour of inquiry and engagement, giving it all a tremendous unity.

    I’m all subscribed now! Looking forward to your posts. I’m fortunate enough to look after eLearning for students from pre-prep to Yr 12, and hope to plunder this blog for ideas on a regular basis.

    Cheers, Paul

    • Kate Korber says:

      Thanks so much for your kind words Paul. I can only hope that my site grows to be, even partially, as useful and interesting as yours. It means a lot! I also am subscribed to yours and look forward to reading about your adventures in the future!!! Kate 🙂

  2. Jose Blackley says:

    Hi Kate

    Your blog is amazing. I have found so many different resources in such a short time!!! I did have a few problems opening the videos. I am not sure whether this is because I am using a Windows operating system at the moment. I will try it with my Mac.

    You have put in so much work to your blog. I will make sure that I keep an eye on your lastest updates. Look forward to more!



  3. Craig says:

    When was this blog last updated? You proclaim to have an “unwavering ambition”… looks like you are wavering to me. Perhaps it’s time to bin this.

    • Kate Korber says:

      Hi Craig

      Currently I am on maternity leave. By no means has my passion wavered in terms of seeking out great minds and inspirations in Education. I find your comment a little harsh and I think you should spend some time considering the changing lives of others before posting comments. I have simply chosen to give my daughter priority and am learning how to be a new Mum. When I return to work I will also continue to post on my blog.

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