QR codes – fad or fabulous?

QR codes are everywhere, but many don’t seem to know what they are! QR codes can be seen on cereal boxes, on billboards, they even now appear on the back of some children’s picture books. So what are QR codes, why would we use them in education and how do we make them? Are they the next fad or are they a fabulous tool we should all use to engage our kids?

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About Kate Korber

I'm a passionate educator who loves helping teachers and parents understand how to engage our students in this digital world. I'm also a new Mum who is learning to tackle the everyday challenges of learning to be a parent of a beautiful baby girl. In this blog, I share stories of mayhem, milestones and fabulous finds from the mouths of Mothers!
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3 Responses to QR codes – fad or fabulous?

  1. mrrobbo says:

    Augmented reality beginning with QR codes has a massive future in education.

    • Kate Korber says:

      Jarrod I whole heartedly agree! Did you see the Commonwealth Banks recent advertisement in the weekend paper? Augmented reality certainly does bring about another dimension of using technology to bring awareness and understanding to viewers. Bringing 2 dimensional representations to life in 3D can only be a great thing!

  2. Nathan says:

    Hi Kate,

    Great blog!! Perfect timing for me given that the previous week the Year 5′s at my school were involved in a QR Code Maths Hunt. The lesson was centred around having fun (a surprise these days) especially after an intense week of NAPLAN tests. They also had the chance to further explore their iPad2′s. The lesson involved searching the school grounds for QR Codes that had Numeracy Equations embedded in them. The students scanned the code, took a screen shot with the iPad and filmed or took a photo as evidence of what they were doing.

    From here they returned to the classroom to solve the 14 equations and make a short movie on the iPad with the events of the session. The students could have solved the problems whilst outside, however, the Melbourne weather held us back!

    The social interaction was amazing and given it was something new it was a very stimulating and rewarding event.

    The iPad2 is going to open up many opportunities for QR Codes within the curriculum. One area I have been suitable impressed with is the scope that QR codes can be used. I showed the PE teacher how to generate a QR Code for the Interschool Sports fixture. This was place on the Sports Noticeboard. Parents/students could scan this code, open the PDF and if they had an iPhone or iPad, they could save the document to their iBooks. This is sustainable, provides good communication and allows students to be better organised, rather than have a piece of paper printed and then misplaced.

    Within the library and other curriculum sections of our school, I plan to educate/inspire these teachers in how to use QR Codes. My personal opinion is that within the library I think QR Codes will increase the use of print media. Placing QR’s in the back of novels that have an authors website in them or other link, book reviews created by students, podcasts and more.
    My vimeo link to QR activity.

    The other aspect of your blog I truly enjoyed was Evernote. I am a massive fan of Evernote, I will admit probably more a fan since the ADE Conference in April. I have been using it in class with my 1 to 1 reading sessions. Recording the students as they read to me and taking notes on the same Evernote Note. This has given me another form of recorded assessment. I listen to them reading and ask questions at the end. Record notes through text format, as well as audio format. I have also recorded PD’s within school, taken notes and sent them to colleagues in an email. It is a fantastic FREE tool.

    I hope I haven’t rabbled on too much.

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